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Sarah Cox was the creator of the concept and her company ArthurCox Ltd creatively managed and produced the bulk of the project. Sarah Cox - Creative Director and Designer, Hilary Light - Producer, Thomas Malins - Film Researcher and additional Designer, Dominic Pitt - Editor and Kaia Rose - Director of the 'Making Of' film.


South West Screen are the initial funders of the project and without their support the project would not have got off the ground. The funding is part of the Digital Film and Archive Fund which is a UK Film Council Lottery fund, this was set up to increase public access to regional screen heritage. This project is funded from the Regional Investment Fund England (RIFE) through the UK Film Council’s Digital Film Archive Fund via South West Screen and Arts Council England.

Bristol-BBC Anchor Partnership

Under the provision of the formal Anchor agreement between the BBC and Bristol organisations, 'A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol' has been allowed usage of the Points West film archive which dates back to the 1950s. We are very grateful to the BBC and in particular Alan Baker for all his help and guidance with this. .

Arts Council England

We received funding and additional marketing advice as part of the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts scheme.

Brunel's ss Great Britain

We have received financial support from Brunel's ss Great Britain and they have also agreed to host the first public screening of the project on May 11th on board the ship as part of the 'Festival Of Ideas'. The ship also features in our 'Harbour' hotspot.


Thanks to John Hallett from Destination Bristol who provided additional financial support for the project.


UWE have provided support for the project in funding 2 graduate students from the School of Creative Arts; Thomas Malins and Dominic Pitt.


The University of Bristol's Special Collections Department have allowed usage of a few rare and unique films for the project. The Drama Department has also been a great source of footage. The drama department has also been a great source of footage and student Kaia Rose worked with us on her placement from the University creating the 'making of' documentary.


Thanks to David Sproxton and others at Aardman who have provided support in kind, particularly helping with the many file and format transfers involved with this project.


Project Graphics have sponsored the project and also supplied high quality display and signage graphics for all Time Traveller's Guide events and screenings.

This is the Time Traveller’s Guide to Bristol website

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